July & August, 2003

ALL News Found On THIS PAGE Or ANY of Our ISCF NEWS Pages May Be Reproduced for Media Use At No Charge.

ALL News Found On THIS PAGE Or ANY of Our ISCF NEWS Pages May Be Reproduced for Media Use At No Charge.


SUNDAY, AUGUST 24th, 2003, AT 3:30 PM, PT

Atlanta's Friday Night Fights IV
Thorpe Takes East Coast Amateur U.S. Super Heavyweight Title
In A WALK Over Waite Who?

Atlanta, Georgia, USA: David Oblas' (Left) and his Undisputed Productions' hosted No Holds Barred & Professional Boxing on the same card for the first time ever in Georgia. This was Oblas' 7th event in 14 months, this time held at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia and was an overall success. More than 200 people hoping to purchase tickets were turned away at the box office by 2 words - SOLD OUT!

Those who did attend were treated to a first time ever in Georgia event as 5 ISCF No Holds Barred and 5 Professional boxing bouts were combined in one night. Choosing to alternate between Pro Boxing and No Holds Barred contests, Undisputed Productions' strategy kept the audience intrigued and proved to be a good formula. All of the ISCF No Holds Barred fights ended in the first round once a fighter mounted his opponent. None of the fighters seemed poised enough to reverse difficult defensive positions from their backs. However, the crowd embraced the intense yet short bouts filled with lots of blood and bare-knuckles. Here are the nights ISCF MMA results below:

ISCF News was not sent in any of the Boxing results. For those we suggest you go to

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 8th, 2003, AT 8:30 PM, PT

With Another Titanic Card and Crowd

Atlanta, Georgia, USA: Southern Fight Fans thinking that they could beat the heat, this past Saturday, at the Dekalb Atlanta Centre, were sorely mistaken. The reason: IKF/ISCF promoter and World Team member, Brett Moses yet again unleashing a firestorm of red hot action.

A shoulder to shoulder sellout crowd was present in Atlanta for the 14 action-packed bouts. No one looking for an exciting night of great match ups (or signature drop-dead gorgeous ring girls) was disappointed. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Bout 1: IKF Super Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrel (LA Boxing) Vs. Corey Lewis (Hunter Fight Camp)
  2. Bout 2: Light Heavyweight ISCF MMA
    Dustin Lowry (LA Boxing) Vs. Damien Stealy (Team Jacare')
  3. Bout 3: Middleweight ISCF MMA
    Ryan Ellison (Team Jacare') Vs. Sean Jolicoeur
  4. Bout 4: Light Heavyweight ISCF MMA Exhibition
    Andy Foster (United/La Boxing) Vs. Sylvester "Ses" Stevenson (Team Ring Skilz)
  5. Bout 5: Super Heavyweight ISCF MMA Grudge Match
    Kelly Williams (Contact Jiu Jitsu) Vs. Ben Morrell (Suua Khai)
  6. Bout 6: Heavyweight ISCF MMA
    Ed Guinnard (S. Florida Boxing) Vs. Kevin Brooks (Suua Khai)
  7. Bout 7: Super Heavyweight ISCF MMA
    Chris Herring (Gorillanation) Vs. Ron Humphries (Suua Khai)
  8. Bout 8: IKF Pro Woman's Super Lightweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Deborah Nichols (United Karate) Vs.Ryanne Dee (Detroit, Michigan)
  9. Bout 9: Welterweight ISCF MMA
    Jeff Bedard (USA Wresting) Vs. William Mcglothlin
  10. Bout 10 Light Middleweight ISCF MMA
    Melvin 'The Young Assassin' Guillard Vs. Justin Wieman
  11. Bout 11: Light Heavyweight ISCF MMA
    Rory Singer (Hardcore Gym) Vs. James Wakefield (Golden Dragon Martial Arts)
  12. Bout 12: Light Middleweight ISCF MMA
    Tony Tucci (LA Boxing) Vs. Marcus "The Wrecking Ball" Hicks (Team Jacare')
  13. Bout 13: Light Middleweight ISCF MMA
    Shaun Gay (VMAC) Vs. Jeff Joslin (Team Jacare')
  14. Bout 14: IKF Pro Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mark Selbee (Right - LA Boxing) Vs. Horace "The Real Deal" Craft (Box Off Gym)

For more info please contact Mr. Brett Moses at (404) 315-7235 or or or go to the Fight Party Web Page at

TUESDAY, July 29th, 2003, AT 10:30 PM, PT

Brett Moses And

This Saturday night, August 2nd, 2003, THE FIGHT PARTY RETURNS! LIVE at The Dekalb Atlanta Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Brett Moses and Fight Party Productions, Georgia's premier Martial Arts Fight promotion, return with a blockbuster card featuring eleven ISCF Sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts and three IKF sanctioned Full Contact Kickboxing bouts.

Camps represented include Perennial Force, LA Boxing, Suua Khai, The Hardcore Gym, South Florida Boxing, Ancona's Gym, USA Wresting, Team Ring Skilz, GorillaNation, VMAC, and the highly anticipated return of Alliance/Team Jacare' to Georgia MMA action. Highly-regarded Rory Singer, of the Hardcore Gym, returns home to Georgia to face Louisiana's James "The Golden Dragon" Wakefield. Melvin "The Young Assasin" Guillard, of New Orleans, will return to face a tough test in Hook N' Shoot veteran, Justin Wieman. Big Ron Humphries takes on the GorillaNation's Chris Herring in Super Heavyweight MMA action.

Hometown favorite, IKF Pro US Heavyweight Full Contact Champion, Mark Selbee (LA Boxing), will look to extend his unbeaten streak against "Crafty" veteran, Horace "THE REAL DEAL" Craft, (Right) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. IKF Pro World Kickboxing Champion and legend, Rick Roufus will be on hand to corner for Craft. Here is the nights full line-up below:

Tickets are $75.00, $55.00 & $35.00 and can be purchased at: Alliance, Tiger Academy, Suua Khai, all LA Boxing clubs or through the FIGHT PARTY Hotline (404) 315-7235. For more info please contact Mr. Brett Moses at (404) 315-7235 or or or go to the Fight Party Web Page at

FRIDAY, July 3rd, 2003, AT 7:30 PM, PT

ISCF Champion
Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch
Wins In Russia!

ISCF Pro Middleweight U.S. Champion Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch and Fellow Team mate Mike Buell both from Arizona went to Russia, Habarovsk and competed in True Vale Tudo (NO) Rules match for the WAFC, World Absolute Fighting Championships. The event rules allowed Headbutts and elbows. Ritch fought in a 4-man Tournament to become the first American to win the WAFC Middleweight Title.

He won his first bout in 45 seconds via Armbar, and in the finals won via TKO with elbow strikes in under a minute. Buell fought the National Belarussian wrestling champion for the 1st Intercontinental Super fight Title. Buell won his bout via heelhook submission under 1 minute.

You can see results on These fighters took on Russia's top fighters and represented the United States to become True Champions against International competition. This is the second 4-man Tournament that Ritch has won this year, and his second World Title. Ritch is one of the most active MMA fighter in the world. His professional record now stands at 65-44-2 with a total of 111 fights. Here's a list of what is coming up for him;

Ritch has been busy also doing Pro -Wrestling Shoot Style you can see that at Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch and "Team Cannon" are making waves in the MMA world. Ritch is the current ISCF Pro US Champion and truly wants to defend that Title. He says he will take on all comers. He is 10-3 this year and has fought in Pride, Kotc, WEF, 2X K-1 and Super Brawl. He has fought in Burma, London, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Hawaii and all over the USA taking on anyone. The only venue he has not fought in is the UFC. Congrats to Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch and Mike Buell for there fantastic wins in Russia. We hope to see you defending your ISCF Title SOON!