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Old 04-22-2007, 03:44 PM
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Default ISCF to Sanction Boxing?

Inside scoop people, I am allowed to leak some of this as long as i don't go over any actual names and contract details.

Word has it that a major tv group and a major media firm has directly approached the IKF Kickboxing people (sister company to ISCF MMA) and asked them to create a BOXING sanctioning body. There is a bigger picture though for this request. From what I heard, there could be a major deal in the works for a new multi ring sport company that the IKF people have been creating over the last 8 months. Some TV tv and media exects liked what IKF did with MMA with the ISCF and have asked them to make a full coverage of the ring fight sports. The deal would mean massive TV coverage presented by the new parent company the IKF people are currently launching that would sanction all ring fight sports. Last i heard about this was that the company was to be called Sport Fighting International (SFI) or International sport Fighting (ISF), one of those two. The parent company would oversee all contracts with media/tv deals dispursed through each of the three companies, IKF, ISCF and the new Boxing org. I'm not sure when an official announcement will be made about all this but i was so stooked i just had to leak something now.

Admin Brett!
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Old 04-23-2007, 11:44 AM
Jeff Malott Jeff Malott is offline
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Default Re: ISCF to Sanction Boxing?

We have to be sure we don't become hypocritical! ISCF should not be sanctioning boxing. A boxing division would need to be created for sanctioning.
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Old 04-24-2007, 11:09 AM
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Default Re: ISCF to Sanction Boxing?

The boxing org would not be called ikf or iscf, unlike the doops at wbc and their muay thai org

The boxing org is totally separate.
Here is what my little ears have picked up so far.
Yesterday I heard the boxing part just got a major financial incentive behind it from several big boxing media people wanting to get rid of the corruption in the other current boxing sanctioning bodies. These guys like the organization the ikf and iscp people have brought to the fight sports games.
seems some people from the likes of showtime and hbo have been involved somewhere along the line but not sure of the details of where. Things are pretty hush about the fine details but the buz is tremendious!

Something big is happening on the ikf side too. the latest is all about what is going to happen at the ISCF MMA tournament this coming weekend. ISCF along with IKF plan to announce a new fighting style that already has a tv deal in the works. Big people and Big $$ are behind it and several of the contracts have already been signed which means the IKF's old saying of 'the game has changed' will take on a whole new meaning.

I'll keep my ears close to the ground to listen for more, but I think the big announcement will come at the friday mma banquet dinner in cedar rapids. man, check this out, iscf and the head sponsor, jack9 is paying the $3K bill for the dinner so everyone can eat for free that are fighters, trainers and officials, and you should see the belts! GOD THEY ROCK!

Admin Brett.
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