THURSDAY, November 12th, 2009, AT 8:20 PM/ PST

Florida Amateur MMA
Some Facts Compared To What ISKA Is Telling You...

For the last year and a half Amateur MMA has been the talk in the State of Florida. First came the press release that stated that only the ISKA has been approved to sanction Amateur MMA in the state of Florida. However, back in September of this year, the ISCF was informed by Christa Patterson of the Florida Commission that this ruling was overturned. The new ruling is that this coming January, 2010, any and all Amateur MMA Sanctioning bodies can apply to be approved to sanction Amateur MMA in Florida. As of this time, despite what associates of the ISKA have been telling people,

NO Amateur MMA Sanctioning Body has been approved to sanction Amateur MMA in the State of Florida.

Despite knowing this, the ISKA has "Continued" to inform others as well as advertise to the public that they are the only Amateur MMA Sanctioning Body approved to sanction MMA. They are also claiming that they wrote the rules everyone else has to adhere to. Well, they may have "Submitted" some rules, but they were not the original author of the rules they submitted...

Regardless, John Morrison (Right) the State Representative for the ISKA has been hosting seminars throughout the State for Referees and Judges at $100 dollars a person and telling people that if they want to sanction or work in the sport of Amateur MMA they must get on board now and attend these seminars. We have been told by numerous people that in the seminar, they are stating the all of the other organizations do not follow the rules that they wrote and only the ISKA is an "Approved Amateur Sanctioning body for Amateur MMA."

However AGAIN, the facts are: Until January, 2010, no Sanctioning Body is approved in the State of Florida until the State Athletic Commission reviews the rules of all of the sanctioning bodies. Then they will make their selection which could be one sanctioning body or several. For the sake of Amateur MMA in Florida, lets just hope they don't approve KICK International!

ISKA Making Other Claims

John Morrison and the ISKA has been telling Amateur MMA Promoters in Tennessee this exact same scenario as noted above.

John Morrison and the ISKA has been telling Amateur MMA Promoters in Georgia this exact same scenario.
Sources informed us today that because the ISKA thinks they have a monopoly in Georgia, their sanctioning fee in Georgia is $1,000.00. We are trying to confirm if this is true or not.

What were you thinking John?!?!?!